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Hindi songs to learn

Hindi Songs To Learn

The Indian nation is a very proud bunch. The country in all its physicality and history has attracted tourists from all parts of the globe. Its exotic and exquisite cooking style has tickled the sights and smells of every person who has come across its known delicacies. The country is still on the developing stage but when it comes to the entertainment scene its film industry is at par with the world. But at this time lets not just go into the silver screen just to see the movies but also, lets take time to enjoy and learn Hindi songs in Bollywood.

Hindi movies songs as they are called in the past are usual melodies heard in artistically and uniquely created Bollywood films and are often performed in item numbers. The dominant language in the lines of these songs is Hindi. There are also songs wherein both Hindi and Urdu are being used specifically in places of Pakistani nature. Several other language of Indian background in the likes of Punjabi, Rajasthani, Braj, and Bhojpuri are also part of the song lines. At present English has also been incorporated to give songs more of a global appeal.

Rasa is a concept used in the creation of Hindi songs. This identifies the dominant emotion of a certain composition which can be a simple text or an elaborate song. the hindi literature follows nine distinct types of Rasas. The classification used can be attributed to the times when the chief authorities of literature were nobles and kings. That is why the current batch of film songs have been made to fit the interest of the common people like songs for children and songs of dejection, marriage, and betrayal.

First on the list is Shringar, which involves both virah or separation and milan or being together. It is identified as the make up done by married women in Hindu which signifies a big value in Indian tradition. It is then followed by the likes of Raudra or anger and dangerous, Hasya which stands for happy or smile, Vibhatsaya which equates to disgust, and Veera or heroism. Other Rasas are Karuna or pathos and compassion, Bhayanak or fear and anxiety, Adabhuta or wonder and curiosity, and Shanta or contemplative and peaceful.

Now lets take a look at some of the common songs during the 20th century which has elicited a great chunk of attention. The movie Barsaat is considered as the trigger of the golden age of Bollywood. It was bannered by a song called Hawa Mein Udta Jaye from the creative input of Ramesh Shastri. The song is depicted by a woman in full joy and feeling of love flinging her scarf carelessly against the wind along the slopes of a mountain.

Another of the classic songs is Mera Joota Hai Japani by Shailendra. It was used in the movie Shree 420. This song became famous particularly in areas of the former Soviet Union. The song gives out a message of proud Indian patriotism even if a certain individual has had the opportunity to step and live on foreign soil.

Jaane kyaa tune kahii is a song about love from the movie Pyaasa. It was made by Sahir Ludhianvi. The song makes use of simple wording in order to bring forth unique hints of passion and love. The beauty of it is that it was able to do so without using equivalent terms for the concept love.

There you go, songs that have placed Hindi within the hearts of the people way beyond the borders of its motherland. Songs do not only allow the expression of feeling and thoughts. It also paves the way for people to learn and incorporate various values into their lives.


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