Tuesday, October 22, 2013

History and usage of chinese herbalism

History and usage of Chinese herbalism

Chinese herbs has been used for centuries for healing and has become one of the leading forms or medication and is used in today's latest medication breakthroughs.

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This form of treatment has been made use of for a far longer period of time than most people realize. It originated many centuries ago, but it has only become properly recognized in many western societies within the last few years. This form of treatment is where herbs and plants are used to provide the body with support in order to combat many adverse states. The adverse states can be divided into different types according to the energies that are affected by this state and different plants and herbs can be used to treat each adverse condition depending on what type of energy is affected or is causing the adverse state.

Each herb and plant that is used can have a different energy and this can determine which of the herbs can be most effective when attempting to combat the adverse condition of the body. There are four energies within the body and they are classified according to their heat, there are cold energies and hot energies as well as warm energies and cool energies. The exact symptoms of a disrup


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