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Hints for you beijing shopping fever

Hints for you Beijing shopping fever

The opening up of Beijing to the West has had a profound impact on shopping. A wide range of consumer goods both local and imported are now available and there are many bargains to be found throughout the city.

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Remember: most shops are open daily 9am-8pm . There is no sales tax in China.
Do not forget that haggle is essential especially in touristy markets and shopping areas for common items. Starting your bargain at least with 1/3 of the price-still sounds good whilst keeping the walking-away technique as your last chance to get the lowest price!

The main shopping area is around Wangfujing Dajie and XiDan, where there are a number of department stores, including the Beijing Department Store, which primarily caters for the chinese market whilst ZhongGuanCun, often dubbed 'China's Silicon Valley', continues to be a centre for electronics and computer-related industries. In other words Zhong Guan Cun (is a must! You can find almost everything from speakers to computer parts at an astonishingly low price. It is located just a couple miles from Tsinghua University. Avoid vendors inviting in their shops. Remember that there is a lack of standards in these items and theres no return policy.

So at least dont pay too much. Regarding pirated CDs and DVDs, you can get them for not more than 5 to 10 Yuan. Although quality is not too high, at least make sure you are buying the English version! Look for this: '??' = yingwen. But maybe one of the best suggestions we can give you is for you to exercise collective shopping!! It works quite well!! If you are with friends, try buying things at the same time. Vendors are obliged to make discounts!

If you wish to buy where Chinese buy, with the best prices, almost no need to bargain and a lot of genuine goods, try the clothing market in Xizhi Men, next to the Zoo. Once there look for the new giant building standing just in front and walk behind it.

Is you wish to buy silk then reach SanLiTun YaShou Market (58, Gongti Beilu) with good prices and not so popular among tourists as the Silk Street (8 East Xiushui Street Jianguo Men Wai Dajie).

If you need very cheap items for your trip, see the leading Outdoor Gear Stores Sanfo located in different areas of the Beijing. (Try at Building 4, Entrance 5, Nancun, Madian. Take metro 2 to Zhishuitan; or bus 315, 344 or 345 to Madian. The store is located southside of Bei Sanhuan, west of Madian intersection. Or other departments at Jinzhiqiao Dasha, Guomen, Chaoyang District).

Xidan Market (West of Tiananmen square): in the area around the subway station there are several large malls but there is also a market which is quite good! Remember that, especially in these markets, credit cards are not so extensively accepted. Anyways, this situation is getting better as the Olympics Games approach. Last but not least, be wary of fake money: there are a lot of counterfeit bills in circulation.

As saving money is a common travellers aim in order to experience as much as possible, accommodation is often an important voice. Dongcheng District is mostly a middle-class residential area hosting significant locations youll love to see: Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square, Zhongshan Park and Ditan Park and the National Museum of China. In the same area there are quite a lot youth hostels for international backpackers. The 9 dragons youth hostel, the Beijing New Dragon Hostel, Beijing City Central youth Hostel, the Saga youth Hostel, the Courtyard Hotel, Beijing Harbour Inn Hostel are for sure some budget solutions.

We hopefully have been of any help and we wish you a fantastic shopping time in Beijing, China!


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