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Hiring a personal trainer if your budget is short

Hiring A Personal Trainer If Your Budget Is Short?

You already aware that personal training will help you a lot in your health as well as your physical fitness, and to do this, you have to decide to hire a Personal Trainer but when you look to their per hour session salary, youll be shock (for a low income individual) a shocking amount of $30 to $150 per hour. And you will ask, are there any alternatives that wont create a black hole in your pocket or simply said affordable? This article will give you some ideas to hire a personal trainer in a very affordable price.

You have to book a session schedule on the off peak hours. Lower rate for training sessions during off peak hours such as afternoon can be offered to most of the fitness gyms. Dont bother to ask, it wont hurt you. But in case if you have your own personal trainer regularly coming to your house, dont hesitate if there is a discount if he/she will train you during afternoon. In other way, your personal trainer will be hesitant accepting your request but he/she will do it for you because of the compromise.

You have to consider also to a shorter sessions. Do you really need to work with a personal trainer for one hour including warming up? Or you have to warm before he/she will be coming to your house so that your training will be done in just 30 minutes. A big 50% discount if you do that.

Be aware if you have a friend with almost the same fitness level so that both of you can invite a personal trainer for a semi private session. One personal trainer will look the fitness both on the two of you.
Form a group of three or five people then hire one personal trainer for your group so that you can reduces the pay. When you do the small group sessions, be sure that you wont miss any of the session because this program wont repeat the previous session or so called make up classes.

Some personal trainers are not fully certified yet. They offer discounted rates because they are in the training to collect experiences so that applying for a certification they will be certified. Therefore, first you have to do is talk to them. Be sure that they are knowledgeable in fitness training. However, if you have any injuries but still you want to hire a personal trainer, consider to hire a trainer with a Physical Therapy degree holder.

Are you really needs a personal trainer that is super star or so called the Master Trainers? Most of the Master Trainers are popular because of they are handsome or beautiful and with charisma so they charge higher rates but the worse case scenario, most of the trainers with lower rates who doesnt have that star quality material can also do much or equal training than the Master Trainers.

When you really need a big discount from a Personal Trainer, be sure you have also something to barter. An example is you have a skill or other service to barter such as you are a website designer, you can offer to him/her to create a website for his/her personal training program.

Others will exchange for something that you have but your personal trainer doesnt have.


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